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MOBILITIES are low in fat and very well tolerated, even by nutritionally sensitive dogs. The purist recipe made from regionally grown potatoes provides highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates as well as valuable minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

The push for joint health with vegan glucosamine is also ideal for allergy sufferers. And of course they are delicious too. 

VEGDOG MOBILITIES are super chewy and taste intensely full-bodied - the umami power for the 5th taste dimension comes from 100% natural, from brewer's yeast and aromatic lovage. Like everything at VEGDOG, they are free of artificial additives such as attractants or dyes.

MOBILITIES contribute to the mobility transition in more ways than one. Compared to treats containing meat, they save 850 g of CO2 per pack, roughly the same as driving 5 km by car.

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Potato flour, glycerin, potato starch, cellulose, potato protein, brewer's yeast, guar gum, glucosamine 2%, lovage 0.5%

Vegdog mobilities 115g

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